VIA 1505-device doesn't recognize half the names of places i enter

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I am planning a trip to Germany/Austria. I bought a TomTom VIA 1505M. When I try to plug the names of the places I am going, the device doesn't recognize half the names. I can go to mydrive and plug the names into favorites and the locations come up just fine. However, it seems I can't import from mydrive to my device (maybe I bought the wrong device?). So, at this point, this device is basically worthless to me because the device doesn't properly recognize addresses. Any thoughts on how to make this work?


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    The 1505 is a Nav 3 device and is not compatible with My Drive.

    When you input a name as an address on your unit, are you sure you have the correct country showing on the top right of the address window?
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    Yes, I had the correct country. I found a work around by going to google maps, getting the GPS coordinates, then plugging those coordinates into the device. Kinda lame I had to do that, but whatever. The device really needs a better address search, or a way to import addresses.
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    I had the same problem with POI and even address location recognition. Initially the unit worked fine, however, after a map update, I experienced many issues. (1) Several POIs such as major hotels in major cities were not recognized. (2) Long delays in acquiring a GPS signal upon boot-up (as long as 6 minutes) as well as lost GPS signals throughout the drive. (3) Lags and stalls in direction, particularly in city centres where there were many quick changes - long consistent drives such as highways were mostly ok.
    All updates were done and recognized by the unit, and I verified it with TomTom customer support due to conflicting information between the unit and Drive Connect.
    RESULTING ISSUES: I emailed customer support while travelling. It took them 3 days to return a canned response which did nothing to correct the issues. I was lost several times due to incorrect/delayed routing. I had to purchase a sim card and use my phone for directions due to the inaccuracies, misdirections and inability to find a GPS signal. It caused me to miss a scheduled tour and forfeit my ticket and a delayed direction allowed me to enter a prohibited traffic area resulting in a traffic violation. I used to love this unit, but after this, I don't trust it anymore and it caused more stress than guidance. I was considering an upgrade, but now I'm not sure. If anyone can suggest a fix, I'm all ears.
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    The MyDrive Web Route planner is for the Latest NAV4 & NAV5 (Wi-Fi) Devices ONLY

    I've not used a NAV3 Via 1505M but I would think its the similar to my UK NAV3 Via 120 Live device, they have very limited panning options
    You can only plan a route directly on the device
    You can only plan an itinerary route with a Start 3 Stops and an End Point
    The route cannot not be saved it will be lost after a shut-down

    Example how to change to the Switzerland Map

    On the screen where you enter your city/postcode
    Screen top right is a Flag Icon... Tap the Flag Icon
    Type Swi or as much of the countries name ie... Switzerland to put the Swiss map Icon at the top of the list
    Tap the Swiss Flag Icon
    Now you can enter your Swiss Address
    The Swiss map will now be the default Map

    If you plan a trip to another Country you will have to change the Map as above to suit
    Don't forget to switch back to the Swiss Map on your return