blue me connection in a 2010 fiat 500

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can some body please help me with the connection of my blue and me connection on my blue and me tom tom 2 live i have tried to connect it to my 2010 fiat 500 i have reset the unit to factory settings more times than i can remember it sees the blue me connection from the car but will not connect i have reset the blue and me on the car as well and still have no connection you can see the connection for a short time in the middle of the speedo then the sat and nav says no connection and the information disappears from the middle of the speedo i hope some body can help thanks nigel


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    We had a Fiat 500 up until a year ago and we too had issues with B+M with our TomTom as well as our phones.

    The Fiat 500 suffers with computer glitches. The way it can be cured, is to disconnect the battery for a few minutes.

    Under the bonnet on the battery, is a button that you can press and you can remove the lead off the top. It's the lead that goes across the top of the battery. Remove it and go and have a cuppa.

    Then reconnect. You'll have to reset the date and time, but the rest of the system will be fine and will have been reset. It's very much like having issues with your computer as the first thing people will tell you do is to switch off and then back on again. Software is a delicate thing, and hopefully that is what's wrong with you and your B+M connection.

    Good luck, but if you continue to have problems, join the Fiat Forum and ask them. They are an absolute mine of information on there.