Buy USA Traffic on a UK TomTom GO 6200

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I have a UK TomTom GO 6000 with European and US maps and a Live Traffic subscription in the UK.

I know that the Live Traffic services that I already have will not work in the US.

However, if I go to the TomTom US web site I can see that they sell US Live services for $20:

If I buy this upgrade can I use it on my UK GO 6000? If I do will it have any negative impact e.g. stop the UK traffic service from working?


  • Niall
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    Your device is not compatible as the site above states:-
    Compatible with GO 50, GO 60, GO 50 3D and GO 60 3D only
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    I will be very surprised if it works. I think the better is to buy a TMC receiver. Interested by the official answer!