Map update fails after 70-89.9%

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Every time I try to update to a new map - full Europe or USA Canada - the download fails at around 75-89.9%m
The download speed is pitifully slow max 1M/s to 400k/s mostly around 500k, until it finally stops and fails to reconnect.
When the old app updated from apples servers it never failed! Now it’s utterly useless and I have wasted days trying to get a map to download - have huge amount of storage and a fast connection so there is no excuse for such a useless service. No amount of restating/re setting makes any difference. Re installing the app just losses all my data and maps but does not let me download a map.
What is needed is a reliable fast server that is capable of uploading maps to clients. If you are unable to deliver a sensible speed then limit the number of connections. I’ve waited over 8 hrs not being able to take the phone away from my WiFi because it won’t restart if disconnected. And it always fails!!
No other app is so bad - No servers I have encountered in the last 10 years have been so poor.
This needs to be fixed rapidly !!!!!


  • Raykad
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    So don't use a hotspot for a heavy download? I know Apple has more money and can retain a better server maintenance and uptime than TomTom, but come on. Download from a proper internet connection, man.

    But to give you some cream on the sandwich; the TomTom download services for maps were never meant for big downloads.
  • Fin100
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    Thanks for the advice.
    I’m on my own connection which is 75M/sec and this happens on my Comcast 100M:s and my one in the uk - like I sad - every (large) map update.
    if Tomtom can’t devise a delivery system for downloading (large size) the Full Europe map or USA and Canada without the download failing tine after time then they should give up and refund the customer and perhaps take up working in a coffee shop as something as complex as offering a mapping system is beyond them