Download slow! and failed

Tom Thumb
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Tying to download the latest map update. It said would take 1hr 15mins, but after about 45min. 'My Drive Connect' stopped updating the time left, and my Start 25 said "No Map Found".
Instructions said to try again, so I re-booted the PC and re-booted the TomTom.
And checked my broadband speed (11.4 Mbps).
It did roughly the same as before, but now the TomTom says "Your navigation device can be safely disconnected" - even though it IS disconnected. It has an OK button on the screen - which does nothing!

What should I do?
Why are downloads so slow!?


  • dhn
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    Might you have an antivirus affecting proper transmission?
  • Tom Thumb
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    I certainly do have anti-virus protection, but the map says it's 3.2GB, and other files larger than this don't take as long to download.

    I changed the MyDriveConnect 'settings' (which are cleverly placed where no one would think of looking - i.e. under the country flag, top right) so that the map was downloaded to the computer, and I downloaded over night.
    Eventually, it succeeded.

  • YamFazMan
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    @Tom Thumb

    You can also access the MyDrive Connect Settings menu
    By the usual Right clicking Mouse on the MDC Icon on the PC Task-bar