TomTom Go Mobile App not running on Nokia 8+ with Oreo 8.1 Stock

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All, i freshly installed my TomTom Go on a fresh Nokia 8+ with Oreo 8.1 Stock.
The app does not initializes and it remains loading the app even if I leave it for >24 hours.

Is there a know incompatibility?
It runs fin on my Huawei with Nougat.


  • tgold
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    As to any general incompatibility with Android 8.1.0, the GO Mobile app is running fine with that release on my OnePlus phone.
  • openlab
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    tgold, congrats but that does not help me at all. Stock Android and it does not run, as with many other people here on the forum.
  • Asprin
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    I was just over at the Nokia forum and users are have all type of problems with GPS working.

    It is not always the GPS app that causes the problems.

    I would check with your support team for Nokia see that there is an ongoing problems with GPS in general.

    Even on .xda-developers users are have problems with Nokia smartphones
  • Kanarie18
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    On my Motorola g6 plus didt work TomTom go. And with a 8.1 ROM after installing the maps TomTom go restarts after 10 seconds loading.....