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Exporting recorded tracks (Rider 400)

CarambaCaramba Posts: 8 [Apprentice Traveler]
edited December 2018 in RIDER
I have a Rider 400, and my firmware is up to date, but it refuses to export my recorded tracks, nor by copying to a memory card nor by bluetooth. It says Internal error.
The tracks themselves can be viewed on the navigation system.
For other routes i have no problem (for example routes and tracks I made on pc; they can be shared in both directions without any problem).
Has anyone a solution?


  • AndersNordhAndersNordh Posts: 275 [Supreme Navigator]
    Hi "Caramba",

    Had the exact same issue on both my 400 as well as my 450 but not for all my recorded routes, just some. The ones that gave me the internal error were all very long distance or where I did forget to stop recording at the end of the trip/day and the GPS "auto-stopped" the recording for me. But as you said, they were viewable on the GPS itself ...

    What if you try to just start a recording, walk around for a minute and then stop ip. Are you able to export that one?

    Have a nice day,
  • CarambaCaramba Posts: 8 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi Anders,
    I don't know what you mean by very long distance, but most recordings are daytrips between 200 and 300 km. At the end of the day I 'officially' ended the recording, but in between sometimes I used to disconnect the device for coffee breakes - sometimes leaving in sleep mode, sometimes shutting it down. I'll try to make a short clean recording as you adviced with no breakes - let's see what that brings.
  • AndersNordhAndersNordh Posts: 275 [Supreme Navigator]
    Hi again, with long I usually meant in excess of 500 km's.

    Normally I haven't had any issues with using sleep mode, more of an issue if not stopping the recording myself but letting the device stop and save it for me. Which it does ...

    If you have issues with a very simple recording, then it's something else but I just thought we need to start somewhere ...

    Have a good one,
  • CarambaCaramba Posts: 8 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Nah, also a short recording (10 km) can't be exported. It really looks like a firmware problem.
  • AndersNordhAndersNordh Posts: 275 [Supreme Navigator]
    Hmm, strange but then it is probably not the same issue I experienced ...

    Have you been in touch with TT support? Maybe they have a trick that will help you.

    Hope you get it solved.

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