Mobile Camera hot spot is in the wrong place

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A mobile camera hot spot is reported on the A5 near to West Felton Oswestry Shropshire.

The correct location in both directions is 52deg 49min 19 sec N and 2deg 58 min 31 sec W.

The camera locates on a bridge that runs over the A5 and not in the location reported. How do I communicate this to TomTom?

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    Hi Golfer

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    A mobile camera can be reported on the device itself.

    The cameras you report on the device are first taken into consideration as mobile speed cameras, for fixed speed cameras reporting you can use MapShare.

    Mobile Speed Camera Hotspot is a stretch of a road on which our systems has received frequent reports of a camera which are done at different locations on this stretch of road.

    # In most cases a single report will be enough to trigger a shared mobile camera alert for 2 hours.
    # If within these 2 hours a second report is made, the original report is extended for 1 more hour.
    # If a third report or more are sent within these 3 hours, the total remaining time the camera is shared for will increase in smaller amounts with a maximum additional time of 3 hours.
    # Only if the reporting level changes from frequent to consistent and the location is narrowed down more to a specific spot on the road, will the camera type change to a specific one (such as a fixed camera)

    Vikram :)