memory card not recognised-go 5000

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changed memory card on my go 5000, but the only message i got come up is 'no maps available'... i don't get any memory card reformat screen..... although i think it popped up for half a second when i try resetting..... problem is, this no map screen is blocking the card format screen i think....


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    Hi @zimmerphrame

    To operate, the device must always have a map installed and activated.
    When you remove the old 8GB micro SD card becoming too small, you also delete this essential map for the proper functioning.

    1/ With MDC put on the internal memory a small EU map zone. EU + Scandinavia buildings is the smallest zone.
    If necessary, remove foreign languages to save space.

    2/ Put the new micro SD card in the TomTom device, formatted before in FAT32 with your PC.
    - Reset your device: press and hold the On/Off button for 30 seconds until you hear a drum sound.
    - If the formatting is not done automatically after the Reset, do it manually.
    ==> go to the Main Menu / Settings / System / Format memory card / choose Map

    3/ With MDC install the full map EU.
    For the reason of its size, 7737MB, it will go on the micro SD. MDC will automatically erase the small EU map zone from the internal memory.

    I hope this will help you.


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    I'm having exactly the problem with my TomTom GO 5000. None of my maps fit onto built-in memory. SD Card not recognized - not able to format it. MDC update can only run for a few seconds until "No data available" messages interrupts and aborts update.
    I'm stuck. Sorry to say - it's really crappy software, TomTom. My unit i "bricked"...