Lifetime map update issues-Via 1505

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In using Tomtom's Mydrive to update, I've had nothing but problems, and they are never resolved. I'm hoping someone here will have solutions to offer. Tomtom support has never offered any.

examples: 1. update my lifetime map and get last quarters (April) instead of current map (June). Go back to try again, and Mydrive tells me my map is current!

two (this window won't let me enter "2.", always changin it to "1." same with "3."

three I bought a microSD card so I could have the North American Map, but installed the smaller Canada and Northern USA map on the internal flash first. But when I went back to install the N.America map, Mydrive overwrote the smaller map.

four: when I went back today to try the same thing above today - hoping that the N.America map might be the June version, Mydrive wouldn't even let me do that. BTW Mydrive shows me has having the 5GB N. America map installed, whereas all I have is the smaller, outdated, Canada and Northern USA map

five: The street where I live was built four years ago, it's still not listed in the map of April, 2018. It makes me wonder whether the updates are worth the trouble, not to mention the obligatory GPS fix, which I assume is to enhance Tomtom's snooping ability.

six. while navigating the Mydrive download pages, I saw a mention of the option to automatically download updates as they're released for later installation. There was a mention of configuring the "settings", but since then I haven't been able to find anything about this option in the Tomtom help files.

Seven: Some of Tomtom's documentation mentions the ability to switch between maps, but it's not clear whether this applies only to certain maps , such as those bought after the initial purchase. I'm wondering whether I'm wasting my time trying to get two maps installed so I can switch as needed.


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    Switching maps is between any two maps you have on the device, whether the original that came with the device or an added map.

    MyDriveConnect will place a map on internal memory if it finds enough space to do so; otherwise, it puts it on a microsdhc card, if one is available and formatted by Tomtom for maps.

    Why do you thing a gpsfix file is to assist Tomtom's snooping ability??!! How bizarre.

    Call support for further assistance:

    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST
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    I too HAD a Tom Tom 1505 World Traveler and commented on my issues here but the string was deleted. An update during the spring of 2018 and the Tom Tom help turned it into a brick.  I did find a use for it though....NEVER will I buy or recommend a Tom Tom.

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