Signaling closed road to party, completely ignored

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I am depressed. Every time I mark a closure for any reason, TomTom ignores it.
I took a test. I tried to report an evening closing, from 8pm to 12pm every night this week. I sent this report to Waze, Tomtom, Google Maps and Apple Maps.
- Waze: on the same evening the segment appeared on the map
- Google Maps: it took a day longer, but Google also noted and made my change valid
- TomTom: nothing. The report has been accepted, but the closure has not been considered on the map. The report is July 9th and we are at July 15th, the last day when the road will be closed
- Apple = Tomtom, but Apple still relies blindly on the Dutch, which I hope will stop doing as soon as possible.

That's why I'm dejected. Tomtom has a free resource, that is us, users, and does not consider us!