MyDrive on Android

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Has anyone had 100% reliability with Bluetooth connections between an Android phone V7.1.1 and a 520 WiFi TomTom device?

I can get it all connected; Phone, SMS and Traffic without issue by following the instructions.
However, next time I restart, (eg. get back in the car after an hour or so), TomTom is requesting Pairing again.

The connection seems very unstable.

It seems to work with more, (not 100%), reliability regards connection if bluetooth and the MyDrive App is started before switching on the TomTom device.

The whole process seems to be a clunky arrangement full of pitfalls at this time.

I would like to simply like turn the key on the car (which auto starts TomTom) have the MyDrive App running the background on the Android phone with bluetooth still on and the whole thing just work again and again without jumping through Pairing hoops intermittently.

Please have an answer to this scenario.

Is there a TomTom feedback section that the right people can recieve user issues and do a "WORK ON"?
I would like to send my experiences in to them.