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I see that another has posted a complaint about the hours it takes to download and he has a fast connection. My connection is slow and I think the problem is either the distance between the U.K or Tom Tom has to increase their download speed.
When I downloaded the latest update, it took overnight (about 5 to 7 hours) at a speed of 0.2 mbps. I do not think I will be downloading any more updates exceeding 10 minutes.


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    How Fast/Slow is your internet connection speed ???
    Have you tested your connection speed
    Try the 'Which' broadband speed test... for a real World speed check

    Are you running any Port monitoring programs
    Or an Antivirus program with a very aggressive Firewall

    Europe map v10.11 update....

    Win10 PC hardwired to Modem Virgin Media 110 Mb/s
    PC Connects to the Home Wi-Fi at 40 Mb/s
    I have no idea of the speed of the direct Wi-Fi connection for the GO 520

    I updated the Full Europe map v10.11 size 8.11 GB
    NAV5 (Wi-Fi) GO 520 over USB with MyDrive connect running in the background....
    NAV5 (Wi-Fi) Devices update on the fly i.e... No Download/Upload/Install

    I'm happy with an 8GB+ Map update in 23Mins 20secs (Stopwatch)

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    I performed the real world speedtest. That is how I got the download speed of 0.2 mbps.
    I check my download speed with my carrier and used their recommended speed test and I got from 1.50 to 2.7 mbps. Still that is a lot better then 0.2 mbps.
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    I performed the real world again this afternoon and this time I got 2.0 mbps download speed. the first test was performed in the evening. I supposed evening traffic is much heavier. Next time there is an update with many megabytes. I will do the update in the morning or afternoon to see if there is an improvement.
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    and still no response from tom tom
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    Gents, today I called with TomTom as I tried for 5 times to download the map update of ~6gb.

    As expected their approach was focused on me as the user. Here it goes:
    1. are you on a slow network connection (no wired, at 8mb, not the fastest, but fast enough for Steam, Netflix etc)
    2. It's you virus scanner. The files are "sensitive" which causes the download breakups to happen. What this sensitivity exactly is, and why, the lady at customer service couldn't explain.
    3. Solution was to call with antivirus company. So I suggested that I we would schedule a moment for me to come to TomTom HQ and together call with Norton to solve that issue. No this wasn't possible.
    4. Solution then was to send an instruction email. Received this email which i full of disclaimers at third parties expense. Basically, this could work, but hey, there are so many other things that could influence our service to you that we can't guarantee this.
    5. Trying to follow their instructions. and now waiting for the 5 - 8 hour download of 6gb maps update.