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Go 910 will not connect to TomTom Home

RangerNeilRangerNeil Posts: 13 [Legendary Explorer]
Whenever I try to connect my 910 to the PC the TomTom Home software will not recognize it. My PC, running Windows 7, recognizes a device is plugged in to a USB via the cradle but the Home software will not recognize the 910.

Is there any solution to this - or is my 910 now effectively useless as it cannot be backed up or have the maps updated etc.????


  • RangerNeilRangerNeil Posts: 13 [Legendary Explorer]
    dhn wrote:

    Unfortunately not.
    • I have tried resetting the drive as per the user manual - no difference.
    • The latest version of TomTom Home 2 is in use - v
    • I've checked Windows Device Manager and TomTom Go is shown as an active device under disk drives.
    • Device is connected via the original TomTom cradle direct into a USB port on the PC.
    And TomTom Home is still not recognizing the device. If I click on the USB connection icon in the tool bar and says "Eject ToTom Go 910" so Windows is recognizing the device.
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