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Download of UK/Europe and Australia maps occurred to completion ie 100% (6. 6GB approx). Checking started and went on for 30 mins or so then the link to TT My Drive Connact stalled. TT states that servers are very busy. My Drive Connect (MDC) remained unresponsive (stalled) for five hours (yes!) When eventually I got MDC back the device and memory card were empty ie no maps.
What has happened to the 6.6GB download (doesn't appear in the laptop downloads) and how can the check and installation be completed without downloading another 6.6GB?
Have since installed Aus map (only 502MB) but really want to find the Europe map.
Is anyone able to help please?


  • LAURE123
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    Hi @Master Green

    It is better to avoid downloading multiple maps at the same time. This is often a problem. In fact always a single map file or other at a time.

    I'm afraid it will be difficult to avoid redoing the download. If you already have a properly installed and active map (AUS) it will be easier.

    Look at these FAQs to help you:

    Check if you don't have a corrupt map for EU, if it is the case you will have to delete it.

    Otherwise contact TomTom support directly for more help:
    :flag_au: Australia
    1300 135 604
    Monday-Friday:9:00 am to 5:30 pm AEST

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    Laure123, many thanks. I haven't experienced this problem before with multiple updates. A lesson hoisted in. Thanks also for the links which I have not yet had time to follow up.