How to filter by "Country" when your desired choice is not present?

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Road trips sure is a nice thing.
Now, I'm going to Istanbul soon, so I decided to check if there were any trips in that area; Turkey...

Hmmm - no free text search facility. No choice of Turkey either, despite the fact that fiddling with the existing filters brought up two trips in Turkey among a lot of unrelated stuff.

Any way to get at the 'Turkey' rides only?

Suggestion: Either provide a freetext search facility traversing both the Trip parameters (country, ride type etc) and the trip text description - or a selector-function listing those countries users have submitted trips in. The current selectorfunction seems to be some kind of TomTom-curated (non-updated) list sporting a mix of countries and regions ('France', 'The Alps' etc - and the particularly ingenious 'Other').
Alternatively - and probably more complicated to make: A 'Click on map and show Trips nearby' function would be brilliant.

And while on the subject of filters: How about a 'Trip length' filter?


  • JeroenV
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    Hi! I'm sorry for the late reply, but thanks for your valuable feedback! For some regions the country split has already been made more extensively. Next to that, we are working on quite some improvements with regards to searching & filtering of Road Trips (incl. some of the items mentioned in your post) so stay tuned! :)