Spark cardio/music Broken screen/face. What screens are compatible for changing?

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Hey all, I destroyed my cardio music screen yesterday and want to change it. Sad...I love this watch. I can buy a cheap used watch here in China and just swap the screens. So wondering what screens are the same size? Do the runner,multisport or music all have the same size ? Thanks for any info you have..


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    You would need to get a watch of the same generation, so an original runner for an original runner or a multisport for a multisport. Everything from the Spark and later are different screen sizes from the Runner1 and MS, so you will need to buy another Spark. Plus I do not think it is that easy to change the screen, you will break the water seal and the screen is glued in place. If you are buying a cheap watch for the screen why not just use that watch?

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    Ok. So what you are saying is that spark series should all be the same size. I seen that the Spark music has the same model and part numbers, but wasn't sure about the cardio or spark 3. Good to know. The reason I wouldn't use the used one is because they all have some kind of problem, but the screens are good. Not too concerned about having a perfect seal cause I dont swim with it. Tracking, HR and the music is perfect for what I do. Thank for the help