iPhone TomTom GO app can't download a map

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I've downloaded and installed the GO app from the App Store, It starts and the "Download a Map" screen shows, but then it immediately says "Oops - Something has gone wrong". And that's it: no help, no info, no links. The "Try again" button doesn't work. All I can do is stop the app. Done all the usual things (deleted/reinstalled/restarted/reset settings/different AppleID/cleaned iPhone/etc., etc.)

I did have the app installed before, then deleted it. Has something been left behind that prevents a new install from working?

(Don't want to reset my whole iPhone, btw.)

How can I install and use this app?cffca101-7fb2-4826-a3dd-e85d121f8ad5.png


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    I am having the same problem, but I have had Tom Tom Go (Android) for some time now. All of a sudden, I can't download new maps. I have tried on both wifi and 4G (I have loads of Gigs), but I get the same error you are getting.
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    For the record the only solution was to completely reset my iPhone.