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Hello, I have a problem with my carminat tomtom. I can not link my tomtom account with my carminat on tomtom home. And when I go to the tomtom site to add a device, there is no carminat in the list. Thank you for your answer


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    How did you install Home?

    Normal method for Carminat is putting SD card into computer and installing Home from that. The Home version for Carminat is slightly different (although mainly just that it displays a small Renault logo).

    If you already have a TT account from another device, do you still own the previous device? If so, do you intend to keep it? Best situation would be to discard the previous TT, uninstall Home and start again using the Home installer on your SD card. Home will ask for an email address to register your Carminat (you don't have to add Carminat to an account as such). If you intend to keep a previous device, simply put the SD card in and install another Home from it.

    Without knowing what you've got it's difficult to offer more advice at this stage, so come back to tell us your situation.

    One piece of advice I will offer however, as absolutely essential BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING AT ALL, which is to make a backup of your SD card on your computer. DO NOT use Home to do this. Use Windows Explorer (if it's still called that - the program to look at files - I'm on Mac, so I don't know). Create a new folder called Carminat20180710 (for today's date) and copy and paste the entire contents of the card into it. Make occasional additional backups in the same way, with new folder names each time so that you've always got a few backups on your computer. Home may offer to make backups - allow them but don't trust them and do your own first.

    Second piece of absolutely essential advice is NEVER, EVER, format that Carminat SD card.
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    thank you very much for your help, I will immediately