GO 6200 no longer avoiding Toll Roads

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My Go 6200 no longer avoids Toll Roads despite me activating this option. I have seen this in Switzerland, France and Ireland. Is there anyway to fix this?

Thank you for your help.


  • YamFazMan
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    There is a long-standing unresolved Tomtom bug/glitch. It affects all prompted avoidances of traffic jams on routes involving the instruction to avoid tolls, carpool, etc....

    If you configure your Tomtom to "Always switch to that route", then after a traffic reroute, the routing will still honour the avoidance of tolls, carpool, etc.....

    The problem is with prompted avoidances.
    If you configure your Tomtom to "Ask me if I want that route", then if you were prompted, and you chose the faster route.
    When the unit is calculating the new route it will ignore your initial instruction to avoid tolls, carpool, etc.....

    Not sure if this bug affects the latest NAV4/5(Wi-Fi) devices