Sat navs sending Lorries the wrong way

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Please can we have an explanation as to how sat Nav's are updated/or how we as local authorities can assist with sharing data to reduce these .


  • Troggy53
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    A universal issue. What single or multiple attribute can you apply now to a road/lane that indicates an HGV should stay away?
    i don’t know if one so can you invent one?

    You can apply weight restriction (eg over 7.5t except for access) but SatNav doesn’t use Access Only parameter.
    I have a wide body Motorhome less than 3.5t but have to use judgement to avoid narrow / Unsuitable roads.
    If you can solve this topic hundreds of thousands if not millions of users will love you.
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    Hi Derek

    Thank you for showing you interest and offering help.

    I will forward this to one of my colleagues in the Maps team.

    Vikram :)