Tom Tom go520 very slow at updating via wifi

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Can anyone tell me if they have trouble updating their Tom Tom go520 it is very slow it's connected straight through my wifi and the updating is taking ages how long does it take? Or am better updating it being connected through my computer i am disappointed in this sat nav i purchased it believing it was better than my old one but i am not so sure i feel as i have just wasted money for nothing


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    My Broadband Virgin Media 110Mbps
    My PC is Hard wired to the Modem gives 110Mb/s

    Home Wi-Fi to PC 30 Mb/s... to iPhone 76 Mb/s... I have no Idea of the Wi-Fi connection speed to the NAV5 devices

    I hardly ever bother with Wi-Fi I find its much quicker over USB with MyDrive Connect running in the background

    NAV5 Full Europe Map update size 8GB +
    Takes around 25 Minutes, Updates are on the fly... (No download --> Decompress --> Transfer over USB --> Install on device)
    [/h3]Connected USB... If Wi-Fi is not available or is slow/unstable/unreliable.....
    Is your PC/Laptop hard wired to the Modem if not Wi-Fi will still be the weak link

    Updating your new NAV5 (Wi-Fi) device over USB will require "MyDrive Connect"
    Get it here.....

    Run MyDrive Connect.....
    Note... The NAV(5 Wifi) devices have no access the MyDrive Menu structures as used by the previous NAV3 & 4 devices
    MyDrive Connect will only show a "Splash screen" saying "Connect your device using Wifi" etc
    If required You can close the 'Main Mydrive Window' showing the "Connect your device using Wifi" Splash screen... MyDrive Connect only needs to run in the background on the PC TaskBar

    Connect your Device to a USB Port on your PC
    Updating a NAV5 (Wi-Fi) device using USB is the same as using Wi-Fi, all of the update actions are executed on the device...
    Tap the 4Dot(.... Menu) --> Setting --> Updates & New Items
    Extra Maps are Installed/Maintained... Setting --> Maps