MyDrive route planner-Motorway junction numbers not displayed

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Why are there no Motorway junction numbers displayed on MY Drive route planner, unless you click on a ramp?


  • TooMuch
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    I can't see junction numbers anywhere? They are not displayed on the My Drive map even when zoomed in or when clicking on a ramp. There are no junction numbers included in the direction text for a planned route. Why is this most basic navigation data not included? We all benefit from junction numbers when planning and while driving on a long journeys using major roads. Please help to get this data included.
  • kaleb73
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    All "Smart" Motorway signs flash up signals mentioning junction numbers eg "Queue after Jnct 13" yet the maps don't include any junction numbers! This seems an obvious and basic omission, so obvious in fact that I fear that I must have missed something; is there a POI file hidden away?
  • Tomtomuser100
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    Any update on this? Seems a bit strange not showing motorway junction numbers, all other gps systems show them!
  • CoJaW
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    I'm continuing this conversation because it's unbelievable that TomTom fails to show motorway junction numbers and there appears to be absolutely no comment from TomTom. Why?
  • mapfanatic
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    It's really a shame I made the request before 2018, earlier it was possible to search for A8 AS Esslingen!