Buildings in 3D on the GO 5200 WiFi

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Although my Go 5200 support 3D, the map did not show buildings. Has anyone a suggestion or solution to solve this problem?


  • YamFazMan
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    You won't get 3D Buildings everywhere you will only get 3D Buildings using the 3D Driving view and in Large Towns and Cities + Popular Tourist sites

    You can check whether or not you will see 3D Building for your location by zooming in on the area with the MYDrive route Planner

    Here is an area of Washington DC...

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    Be aware also that you may not see 3D buildings in areas where they should be buildings when the ALG bug kicks in.

    Perform a soft reset and they will reappear.

    At at the moment TomTom does not want to tell us when or if it can be fixed.

    A shame as the TomTom could be an exceptional device with some basic (previous) functionality restored.
  • YamFazMan
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    A while ago spent some time testing appearance/disappearance of the 3D buildings display
    Using a Route Demo and the three Zoom options plus the effect of Manual Zoom....

    (1)... Zoom into next turn... 3D buildings seem to appear/disappear the most
    I think this is mainly caused because of the extreme levels of zoom used for Road types Urban areas, Town/Cites... Junctions and Roundabouts
    The 3D buildings also seem to take a much longer time to render

    (2)... Zoom 'Based on road type'... 3D buildings appear to be more stable and as you enter the area of 3D buildings, the buildings appear to render more quickly

    (3)... Zoom 'None'.... At Default Zoom 3D buildings appear OK but look small and out of scale to the road
    If you Zoom the Map, the road appears to zoom-in a lot more quickly than the surrounding 3D buildings

    Manual Zoom works on all three Zoom Options... The good news is if you hate/love 3D buildings you can turn them off/on at will by simply manually zooming in or out
    Especially for the NAV5(Wi-Fi) devices with 16GB of memory and no option offered to load the Europe Map (Without 3D Buildings)