Failed to createOpenGL context for format....

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I do 99.9% of my computer stuff in Ubuntu Linux but, as TomTom is still not compatible with Linux, I have kept Windows 7 on an old Eeepc Netbook specifically for TomTom.

Following an update to MyDriveConnect today, I can no longer update my maps.
I get the well-known error message:
"Failed to createOpenGL context for format....
Install a graphics driver providing OpenGL 2.0 or higher..."

I checked my graphics card (Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 3150) and downloaded the latest driver ( from Intel but still no success.

I found a suggestion to:
# Go to C:\Users\xxx\Appata\LDocal\TomTom\HOME3\Updates\
# Double click on -V2 MyDrive Connect

but I don't see "V2 MyDrive Connect" (should it be literally that?).

What hope is there?



  • LAURE123
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    Hi @2CV67

    The workaround with the shortcut file "V2 MyDrive Connect" is no longer valid, it concerned the previous version of MDC. A new procedure replaces it.

    1 / Download and install the new version MDC directly. You can find it here, the installation will be done in your language:
    - On this page, at the bottom, the green button "Download for Windows:registered:":
    - Or here directly from TomTom official servers:

    2 / If you still get the error message "Failed to createOpenGL context for format ..." follow the instructions in this FAQ:

    If nothing works, please report it here, we will try something else.

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    Thanks Laure123 for your rapid & helpful reply!
    My problem is now SOLVED.

    Just for the record & in case it helps anybody:
    I downloaded the latest directly from TomTom but that did not change anything (I was already using
    I then followed your instructions (2) to look at the FAQ:
    The Settings > General > Graphics mode was already set at OpenGL Angle.
    After changing that to "OpenGL Software" then MyDriveConnect displayed OK & worked OK.

    Just as a detail, it was very difficult to access the Settings window as it froze behind the Error Message window as soon as MDC opened.
    I found I needed to reboot then attack the TomTom icon in the in-tray as soon as it appeared, to open & change the Settings before MDC opened!

    I wonder what TomTom will invent to complicate updates for the next time???

    Many thanks again Laure123!
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    Hi @2CV67

    You're welcome. Glad for you to have a functional software. :slight_smile:
    The next MDC version will be a new adventure that we will discover together. To be continued in the next episode. :wink:

    Thank you for your feedback on the problematic access to the "Settings MDC window" that freezes. The case has already been reported and you have found the solution.
    - Access the "Settings MDC" by the icon in the taskbar but with the "MDC window" closed and the "error window" closed.
    - Restart the PC to have only the MDC icon, especially not open MDC, is a very good solution. But it can only work if during the MDC installation the option "start MDC when the computer starts (recommended)" has been chosen. This option is checked by default unless the user deletes it.

    Your remarks will help other users.