TT Rider 500 won't connect to Ducati Multistrada 1260S Multimedia System

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Dear all, dear TomTom top Management,

very surprisngly I can not connect the Rider 500 to the 1260 DMS (obviously via Bluetooth) as the error on the TTR 500 appears: "Pairing error: please connect device that does not require a pin code".

Can TomTom please finally release a Firmware that will allow the most epic and immortal bike with the most advanced multimedia system available on a bike (Ducati) to connect to the best navigation system in the world (TomTom Rider 500) ??

Kindly dear TomTom CEO, it would be a big risk for your annual revenue if you would not invest IMMEDIATELY in a Ducati connectivity. Ducati is the daughter of AUDI cars Ingolstadt. Ducati works very closely with Lamborghini!

Please contact me on [email protected] for your Position asap.

Many thanks

Yours Sincerly
Emanuel Turchetto
CEO De Cia & Turchetto Trading KLG, Hüntwangen, Switzerland

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    I just bought the TomTom550 Premium and it does not connect to the Ducati Multistrada 1200S, this is a huge suprise and a real probelm.

    Should not be compext to do this but TomTom does not seem to have that interest.


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    It is now 2019 and this is still not sorted.
    I only wish I had seen this post before buying a new Tom Tom rider 500
    If you pay £400 plus for something that should be total connectable and you find that it will not connect to a 20K Ducati it to say the least very frustrating.

    Complete waste of time and money!!!

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    I tried to connect my banana to my motorcycle, but it didn't work either.

    I should have read the user manual before trying it.
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    Have you taken this up with Ducati? I mean you paid 20K for that so maybe as the bigger investment you would expect them to have the BT comparability solved ?
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    I have a Multistrada 1260S and last year i bought a Tomtom Rider 550. I did wait patiently, but still can't connect...
    Dear TomTom leadership - please take quick steps (IMMEDIATELY) for a new firmware or please send me advice how can i get back my money - i send back the Rider 550 device to you of course.
    (and i will buy a Garmin - because we can use it on Ducati, not like TomTom...)
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    basix wrote: »
    I tried to connect my banana to my motorcycle, but it didn't work either.

    I should have read the user manual before trying it.

    nice, blame the user for TomTom's inability to connect as advertised.
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    Real pity the TT550 wont connect to the new Ducati's. TT are missing a market here!
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    Whilst a lot of fingers point at TomTom and, yes, they probably can do something to help, we shouldn’t ignore that the Ducati BT module instructions (bike manual) only guarantee connection to Zumo devices. I’ve just spent a good hour trying to connect my TomTom with zero success, but given that I’ve connected the Rider to many other brands of devices (Cardo, Senna, etc) I blame the italians. They’re well known for amazing machines with many pitfalls.
    Ducati, get your act together and stop promoting your national stereotype.
    TomTom, yes please, try and have a look see if there’s anything you can do.