Poi- Start a list of personal POI

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In layman terms could someone please explain how you start a list of personal POI.
I have seen comment on using this or that file extension but have not a clue what they are or where to find them on my computer. All the comments appear to be made by people who programming literature.

Help please


  • YamFazMan
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    I use this method as a Workaround for my '_Favorite Category'/'Personal POI Category'
    Your POI Category titles could be anything you choose....

  • BrianE
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    I find using Tyre to Travel the simplest, closely followed by ITN Converter. I just create a list of places and give them a collective name, then I can easily just open them up again to edit them before importing them using TomTom's MyDrive.65759c43-7be1-4702-ae83-c6d3a4f49fa0.jpg934cbb4d-aa66-4639-8ce2-27f0b2691fb6.jpg72018ed4-2343-45db-8ee0-d19982f7fff9.jpg650d9377-4459-405e-8c70-6445b1fc834e.jpgad237e75-ad47-492d-a9c0-5780832d88c6.jpg
  • tugman
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    Hi YamFazMan

    Thanks for your instructions as they have been a great help to me understanding now POI work. I have made several POI's and have successfully imported them using your method.
    I did find that they had to saved as Tomtom POI's before they would transfer to My drive and then onto the 400.

    My preferred planning mode is the Tyre to travel app (free) as it is smover to use than Tyre to Travel. I see that they have an POI option that I will try. The downside of this system is that it has become very restrictive in what can be done as far as route planning and the use of the built in extras. I will see how it perform from now on.