Mydrive map legend?

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Is there a legend / key / explanation for the Mydrive route planning map ?

All the manuals I'ver seen refer to the device map (Go5200 or whatever) and I'm perfectly happy with those, but the Mydrive map on the PC is subtly different and has several things that I'm unsure of, that aren't found on the device map - for example the grey arrows overlaying some road sections. I've spent some time tring to find one but failed.




  • Lost_Soul
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    I too have not found a legend for MyDrive (PC) which would be helpful.

    I believe the "Grey Arrows" you refer to are "Roadworks" which 'should' correspond to the Marching Yellow / White and Light/Deep Orange arrows you see on the PND's :thinking:. (If you zoom in on MyDrive the end tail should change and clicking the end tail should indicate Roadworks)

    However I have noticed that some of the Grey Arrows are not replicated on my device:

    For example today 6/7/2018 on MyDrive there is a Grey Arrow for ~ 3 miles from J21A Anticlockwise on the M25 but nothing is indicated on My Go 6200. So a small puzzle remains as to why................. :grinning:
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    I have the same question about symbols.
    What does a white flag in a black circle mean on Mydrive? I don't think I've created them.
    Seems crazy to produce a map / application uses symbols and then not have a key to the symbols.
  • Lost_Soul
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    I have seen those - they appeared when I searched for a postcode and on selecting the road I was interested; I assumed it put up the Flags for other locations that have a similar post code?