My TomTom Sports watch wont upload activity

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I logged a run on my Tomtom sports watch today which appears in the watch activities, but won't upload to the app. I have tried several times via bluetooth to my phone app and via connecting by USB to computer. Is there a manual way of uploading this?


  • Andyb71
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    There are a number of people posting about this, but no response.

    Essentially, yes, I've got exactly the same with my runner 3, won't sync since friday.

    The watch connects to my phone absolutely fine, it starts to synch and then after about 30% just gives a message saying "Unable to Sync" then stops.

    I also tried physically connecting to my iMac and through the app there and it does the same.

    Was absolutely fine earlier in the week when I last synched to my phone, bit rubbish

    Is this "unable to Sync" message the same issue you are getting (it connects, starts the upload does a bit then says "Unable to Sync")
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    Same issue. I've posted about it asking anyone to respond if they have been able to sync runs with no replies. 6 runs waiting to upload. The files show up in the "TomTom Sports" file inside a subfile that I'm assuming is for temporary data. 6 files with 0x00910000 and another string of characters. They are all dated with when I first attempted to sync that particular run.

    Another user indicated that a factory reset fixed the issue, but I'm not sure what that would mean for attempting to get those lost runs to sync.
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    I sometimes reinstall the watch. I'm not sure what it is in English, probably 'forget product'. Or something like that. I then again add the watch and it uploads fine.
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    So I fixed it by following another discussion:
    However, I only had to change my folder name from "TomTom Sports" to "TomTom MySports". Because I already had the serial number as my lower folder name.

    Even though it uploaded most of acitvities, it lef out one...