What's the difference between 'short run', 'long run', '5k', and '10k' ?

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In the Personal Best section, what are the mileage ranges that are used to determine how a run is categorized? I just ran 6.26 miles, hoping to see it classified as a 10k, but I guess because it's 1/10 mile too far, it was tagged as a "long run".

But I have 6.01 and a 6.11 mile runs which are both tagged as 10k.

I have 3.03, 3.14, and 3.22 mile runs which are all tagged as "short run" (not 5k).

So what are the mileage ranges which tag a run as short/5k/long/10k/etc...?


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    Thanks for asking I have the same question.

    I did a 3 mile run - it's labeled fastest 5K

    I did a 3.45 mile run - it's labeled 3rd fastest short run


    I did a 6.2 mile run - it's labeled fastest short run.

    When do runs switch from short run to long run, 5K or 10K?