New map for TomTom ONE XL

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I have moved to Switzerland with an old TomTom One XL and had wanted to put a Europe Map on it. However, I am being told that the device is no longer compatible.
Can anyoneone tell me it changinging the memory card for a bigger one would make any difference?
Also, does anyone know if it would be possible to put on the 'Austria/Switzerland' map instead? and if I did; can that be done on a new memory card, so as to keep the uk map for trip back to the uk?


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    Sadly that device has basically been dumped/dropped by TT so there's no "official/legal" way to add new maps to it so adding an SD card won't help. see
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    Thanks for telling me and saving me wasting time and money.
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    What was the latest number of map for Tomtom One IQ Route? I’ve got 9.15
  • Niall
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    Looking here
    I would say the last is 1005 from February 2018 when the EoL was declared
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    Yes sadly the Tom tom one XL has been dropped and it appears that if you do try to update there is no warning until the attempted update wipes your functioning device thus rendering it useless as it did mine .. so now I find because of Tomtoms NEGLECT in any such warning I now have a lump of useless plastic and components... cheers tomtom, fkn marvelous.
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    I am having the same Issue of not having any Maps on my device after an Update.

    Why can't I get the original Maps of South Africa from TOMTOM?
    I mean I have paid for this device and they should be able to restore or at least have a Maps available to paying customers.

    My Car does not seem to have a problem with its Built-in Carminat TOMTOM.

    I have a second vehicle that does not have a Navigation Device. This is what I reverted to for it.

    Anyone for a solution?
    Kind regards
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    My browser does not detect the GPS signal and when connecting to the computer I get that it is not compatible. How can I solve it? Thank you

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