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Planned obsolescence?

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Having owned my Urban Rider motorcycle satnav for a few years I thought I should purchase the year long map updates offered to me via TomTom Home, especially as I am to embark on an extended tour of Europe. I paid my €69 in April, installed the updated maps immediately and was enjoying the new accuracy.
Until, 17 days ago I received an email informing me that the latest map update was out v1010, please download your update.
I did......well technically I didn't the download froze at 97% then gave me a server timeout error.
I used the email support facility providing screenshots/sys info as requested and tried all suggestions to the letter with no success. I simply could not finish the download of Western Europe (later the same fault occurred with SouthWestern Europe).
Finally today I was able to talk to a technician. Did everything he said only to be told that it is a problem with the memory in your device and you cannot have the maps you paid for. You are stuck with v850 (2009) and 26171 mapshare corrections.
BUT he says, I can offer you 25% of a new device!! I want my money back I say. No you cannot have a refund as you've had the purchase for longer than 14 days!

This is nothing short of planned obsolescence. I pointed out that the Apple Corporation are currently on trial in Europe for doing just that.

Anyone tell me why I don't just change the mount on my motorcycle and use Google Maps!


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