NJ maps that require left turns which on several roads in NJ are only legal on right turn jug handle

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Mid and south NJ has lots of left turns that direct you to make left turn across major highway. However the turns are required by law to be made on a right side jug handle.

Last trip to Princeton from Florida had many such needs but tom tom stated make left turn.??? if following tom tom and local police behind you the fine can be high. What gives?


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    Is this in the latest (1010) map? May be faulty data. Changes can be made at tomtom.com/mapshare/tools.
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    I 've found TomTom correctly having me go right on the jug handles to turn left on NJ roads where that's required. In fact, I've never encountered the problem that I can recall and I drive in NJ a decent amount.

    But clearly your experience is different, so I'm thinking there are map errors and we drive in different areas. If you have up to date maps then I'd say report the errors and hope for the best that someone actually corrects them. Pictures help when you report things in case a passenger is available to photograph any applicable signage.
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    When travelling at 20-60km/h the device says turn left or right into a street, but the only problem is you have already past the necessary turn off by some 50 metres. This is very annoying and dangerous. Also, the current update for Australia leaves a bit to be desired as the screen will indicate direction to follow but after awhile the screen 'wanders' all over the place giving the driver the impression the device has no idea what to do next.
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    @Rev Jack

    hello Rev Jack,

    Just wondering does your city or area government has a map or API or database of all of these left turns and right turn restrictions?

    You could send the TomTom Map team that, as they will need enough info to correct all of these.