Map directing use of left lanes

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traveling across country I seem to always get travel advisories that tell me to stay in the left lane. sure thing, but in FL, Georgia, Texas, Colorado and several other states, that means you must have easy pass or sun pass...different then easy pass, peach pass etc. to stay in left lanes. I opt out for no toll routes however I am always directed to toll lanes.

People with out these passes get screwed and possible toll violation when following the Tom Directions. Who pays the violation and or why does this happen.

Also several states have laws covering use of left lanes for passing only what is the fascination with left lanes by Tom Tom????


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    @Rev Jack

    Maybe what you are hearing is the same Tomtom quirkiness as here in the UK ???
    In the UK My Tomtom devices constantly tell you to Keep Right but it doesn't mean stay in the Right Lane... Its Tomtom speak, for don't turn left at the Motorway exit slip-road you're just about to pass