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New trial after a few years. Any customization on poor landscape display

MesnerfsMesnerfs Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
I am trying tomtom (17.something) again after a few years. Hard unit that been changed for a garmin. But now we have phone….. Great. On this new trial, there is few thing that I don't like. Don't remember it is the same thant it was in the past. … My phone, LG G6 is placed in landscape on my motorcycle where, say 90% of my use for navigation is done. Unfortunately, when tomtom is placed in landscape, the infos stay aligned with the center of the screen. Some a the bottom (dont remember) and the direction info at the top leaving only a tiny tiny tiny place for the map in the in between. Add to that , those balloons are wider in lanscape mode than in portrait just to be sure to prevent you to have any suggestions of where to road goes…. .Can the top infos direction or whatever you call it window, be moved on left upper corner and leave the map free. Whished too: non paved road in a different look than a standard street. Voices that doesn't cut short at the end. But for that, I saw here post that go from a few days back to many years old with the same problem, maybe they are not able.… but just having an efficient landscape mode would be a plus.


  • YemblePhoneYemblePhone Posts: 13 [Apprentice Traveler]
    In landscape, you are best off running TomTom in immersive mode (full screen). There are apps out there that make this easy. I use an Android app called "Quick Settings" that allows immersive mode to be configured with the navigation buttons being displayed on the right-hand of the display, but also with the status bar hidden. TomTom works well in this configuration.
  • MesnerfsMesnerfs Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I use an Android app called "Quick Settings"
    I would really like to try that. I went to check and there is dozens of app named "Quick Settings." In play store. So I googled immersive mode android. Need to read a bit but look interesting. Thank you
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