Start 52 Updating Europe map issue

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Hello all

When I try to update my map it gets to 20% and 39 minutes to go, then it skips back to 8% and 45 mins to go! Then a message appears on the satnav saying the download will resume in a few moments and it simply doesn't. After this a message appears on the satnav device saying 'No maps available, reinstall a map you already own or buy one from from the tomtom shop'

Then whenever I connect again to MyDrive it skips straight to the 8% and 45 mins to go........and round we go again!

Can anyone help please?

Thanks in advance.


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    Might you have an antivirus interfering with proper transmission?


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  • Dan DJD
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    Thanks for your reply

    I have turned off my firewall and the problem now starts at 0% gets to 8% then goes back to zero. It is so frustrating as I need the satnav for work and now it is essentially useless as it has no maps on it at all.

    Every time I plug the device in, it immediately starts to update so I can even clear the download and start again.

    Thanks in advance for your time and effort.
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    @Dan DJD

    Start MyDrive Connect (MDC) without your START 52 being connected to your computer, then clear the cache of MDC. Then perform a soft-reset on your device, then connect the device to your computer preferably a USB 2 port on a PC rather than a laptop.

    If you are using a laptop if so then check your USB ports settings for power saving "USB Selective Suspend"
    If "Yes" Turn off "USB Selective Suspend"

    Click on the appropriate link and scroll down to "Turn Off USB Selective Suspend"
    Win 7 See...
    Win10 See…

    Also turn off any Screen savers any other Power savers or USB port monitoring software.

    Remember after each up date to do a soft-reset, you will loose nothing, it is like rebooting your computer and reloads all the new files from an update.

    A soft-reset :- with your device charged for at least 2Hrs "OR" have the device plugged into a power supply; press and hold your on/off button until you hear a drum-roll sound (or the TomTom hands symbol appears) then release the on/off button. Make sure you are outside and have a clear view of the sky (satellites)