How to upgrade TomTom (July 3 2012) to TomTom GO Mobile?

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I bought a Tomtom U.S. & Canada on July 2012, by then there was no username / password for this app. Now I found the old app has been out and there is no place to download that app, the user can only download the Tomtom Go, so the question is
  • how can I get an upgrade? I do not have a username / password as I was using the version on July 2012. there is no place to download a old version, a new version, then do the upgrade.
pls advise.


  • lampard
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    Hi wangzhi,

    Welcome to the Community!

    I would advise you to get in touch with the customer support and they'll be able to help you with this upgrade to Go Mobile App. You can click on the 'Contact Us' option at the bottom of this page to Phone/Email them.

    Cheers, lampard