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iOS equivalent of 'Send to GPS'

SinglePointSafetySinglePointSafety Posts: 54 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
I currently use TT GO on my Android phone, wife wants to install it on her iPhone.

On the Android phone I use an excellent bit of software called 'Send to GPS' which allows me to use the Google search (or map, especially satellite view) to place the red push pin to exactly where I want to navigate to. By 'selecting' the push pin, I can 'share', with one of the options being 'SendToGPS', which then allows me to pass the location to a choice of navigation apps including my favourite ie TT GO.

I use Send to GPS a lot. But I have struggled to find the equivalent for iOS. Any ideas?



  • PrivateerUKPrivateerUK Posts: 378 [Supreme Pioneer]

    I’m unfamiliar with Android but what I think you need is something called a “URL Scheme”.

    Unfortunately iOS GO Mobile doesn’t have a URL Scheme so other apps can’t pass on details to it such as coordinates and name. Many of us have asked for iOS GO Mobile to have a URL Scheme ever since it was released i.e. over two years ago.

    The annoying thing is that the legacy TomTom app DID have a URL Scheme.

    The following URL Scheme launches the old iOS TomTom Europe app and gets it to navigate to a location which it names as “Disneyland Paris” which also becomes a named location of “Disneyland Paris” in the recent destinations.


    There is one partial way around this and that is to use an iOS app called POIViewer (not free but only costs a few pounds) that can hold POI categories and create new POIs and pass their coordinates onto TomTom iOS GO Mobile but without the ability to name the location within iOS GO Mobile. Not ideal but it’s better than what TomTom gives us.

    Hope this helps.

  • SinglePointSafetySinglePointSafety Posts: 54 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    Thanks hugely - I will investigate further, that's very helpful
  • PrivateerUKPrivateerUK Posts: 378 [Supreme Pioneer]
    Hi SinglePointSafety,

    You’re welcome.

    How are you getting on with iOS GO Mobile?

    As you’re using both Android and iOS versions of GO Mobile, which one do you prefer and why?

    Although I don’t have the Android version of GO Mobile, I believe that it is better ie has more features that the iOS version. Is this correct?

  • SinglePointSafetySinglePointSafety Posts: 54 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    Haven't yet tried iOS GO - it wouldn't be too attractive without the 'Send to GPS' equivalent, because we use this a **lot**. Might persuade Mrs to install TT GO on her iPhone and try it 'for free' to see how well it compares.

    Overall, I've been very pleased with TT GO for Android (so far!). Just one annoying and recurring bug, which is the intermittent loss of navigation voice, not cured with clearing caches, re-installing etc, but it's easily fixed (see thread on the TT GO Android forum).
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