Go Mobile App via parrot car-kit

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Is there possibility to get voice from IPhone from Go app via a parrot carkit?



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    Don't know if this will be of any help but here goes.

    I use an iPhone 6s with the Go app through a parrot car kit and Parrot Unika unit, and to get it to work properly, I first had to pair the Parrot with the iPhone. I then have to have a music track playing all the time through the iOS music app. Lastly, I press the control button on the Parrot, which allows me to select: Settings - iPhone and so on. I select iPhone and then the sound from the Go app comes through my car speakers.

    To make this work when I don't want to listen to music, I use a 'blank' track which I previously recorded on my Mac, and then sent it to my iPhone music library which I named AAABlankNoSound.

    With this running, I get all directions and phone calls through my car speakers.

    Note that it can be erratic, whereby it will sometimes just work when I put the phone in the car cradle, and other times I will have to go through the settings bit I mentioned above.

    For what it's worth, I put the phone in the car cradle/charger - which is attached to the Parrot unit via USB for charging purposes - then I start the vehicle. I then wait for the sound that the iPhone's contacts are synchronised with the Parrot before launching Go. For some reason, if I change this sequence, I have to do the Parrot settings for iPhone all over again!

    So, try this:
    Record a blank sound track and add it to the iTunes music library and send it to iPhone (or just play music).
    Attach the iPhone to the car charging unit if you have one and start the car.
    Pair the iPhone and the Parrot unit.
    Wait for the 'boom-boom' sound from the Parrot to let you know your contacts are synced.
    Press the settings button on the Parrot unit (if you have one) and turn the knob until the voice says iPhone (If no iPhone choice, detach all and start again).
    Select iPhone (try this before launching the Go app. If not working, select after launching the app). This can be a bit finicky to say the least!
    Launch Go and select a destination.

    I've noticed that from time-to-time the music track will change or the directions will just stop being sent through to the speakers. When this happens, I just press the Parrot settings button and select iPhone, do a 'Hey Siri' and say "Play AAA Blank No Sound", then it all starts working again.

    Finally, this problem has been around for years and both TomTom and Apple says it's not their problem. TT Customer Service even told me some time ago that the two will not work together at all. Go figure!

    Sorry this is so long-winded but I hope it works for you.