Account is registered in a different country.

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Trying to purchase a map from south america and the Caribbean. I keep getting a message saying -Your account is registered in a different country. Please go to the country/region your account is registered in and log in or create a new account.-
I already tried making a different account, but I keep getting the same answer. And I can assure you that I live in the Caribbean.
Thank you.


  • Niall
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    For some unknown reason TomTom insist that the account country matches the country of the map shop, so you need set up an account with a fake US address (if that is the map shop you are using to purchase in US dollars, or UK address if purchasing in GBP)
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    Could you try placing an order using the Ireland webshop:

    I think it should work...

    As the map is a downloadable product you don't have to enter your physical address.