TomTom Bandit remote control not syncing anymore

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Hi, my TomTom Bandit remote control won't sync. I have to really do a work around for it to sync and then it is still intermittent that I get it to sync.
I switch the remote on, switch the camera on(remote selected on by default) press button 2 (highlights button) on the remote till it flashes but it won't sync. I then switch remote off (selection in camera menu) and on and then sometimes it will sync without me having to press button 2 (on remote) and other times it stays on searching but not connected.
I can't do this every time I want to record while on my bike. It used to sync just by me switches on the camera and pressing button 2. Some time back the remote flashed amber, green and red (fast flashes) and just stopped. I thought it might be the battery and replaced it but since then no remote. I purchased it in November last year and the problem is now for the last 4 months.

Please advice