Traffic consistently misplaced on a certain road?

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Hi there,

I'm using the TomTom GO Mobile app for Android, version 1.17.1 (2121) with the UK and ROI maps installed (version 1010.8884)

On my commute home, every day I notice a traffic event that is 4 miles further east than in reality, and this gets quite bad sometimes so I wish it was accurate in the app, because it currently doesn't know where it actually is.

It is, however, shown correctly on MyDrive. I have attached some images below showing the problem.

Here is what the GO app is showing, for reference this is the A31 between Southampton and Bournemouth.


In reality and what MyDrive shows, this is the traffic it should be displaying.


I can replicate this everyday in the same location between Ringwood and Poulner Hill westbound, with MyDrive showing the correct traffic information and the app being incorrect.

Currently the app highlights a further west section of the A31 where it is actually clear, and so the ETA is also incorrect because of this.

Could someone from TomTom please have a look at this?

I'm very impressed with everything else in the app so far and I'm looking at purchasing a year's subscription for when I go abroad next month, but I'm holding back at the moment because of this issue.