Rider 550 bike mount seems faulty

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I bought a Rider 550 a few weeks back and connected to 2016 Ducati Multistrada 1200 but for the life of me I can't get it to charge. If I use the car charger and mount on the bike it works but when I use the bike mount it won't even when I wire it to the same point. Sent away for a replacement and had one back today and still the same. The male pins on the connector from the bike show 12v on a meter but the pins on the bike mount show 0.01v when on and 0v when off. Has anyone else had this problem? I find it hard to believe they have sent another faulty item but then again, if the other one wasn't faulty why didn't they say that.


  • mikekibbs
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    Should add, just done more testing and its something to do with the output to 5v. I can see 12v going in but 0v out via the retractable mount pins. Unlike the car adapter the voltage reduction is in the bike mount. It says 12-24v in and 5v output but I'm getting nothing out and amps all ok coming in. Is this a known problem?
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    Is the polarity ok? Red to +, black to -
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    Yes. All ok.
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    I’ve had the same problem with my Rider 400 which uses the same bike mount.
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    I have the same issue with a rider 500 mount. The current tester shows 12v coming out of the cables and into the the mount but nothing out of the mount connections. I swapped poliarities just in case - but nothing! I am using the usb input to charge it, which works OK but a brand new product ought to work seamlessly out of the box.
    The support guy sent me a shipping label to reurn it to a place in Rumania for repair.
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    I have the same issue now. It used to work now nothing unless I flick the connector a few times, it momentarily charges then stops. Not very helpful on a day ride out...any solutions please?