My TomTom 550 XXL does not have Coloarado or Wyoming in the unit

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How can two states that we travel to not be in my automotive GPS unit? The full list of states not listed on my Automotive TomTom are Arizona, California, Idaho, Montanta, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming. How can this be? I have updated the unit....


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    The 550 XXL doesn't have enough storage to hold the entire US map so when maps are installed you should be asked which zone you'd like. Sounds like you have the Eastern US loaded. You should be able to choose a different zone, e.g the Western US, but you can't have the entire US all at once -- there's just not enough space on the device. I don't think that model has a slot for an SD card but if it does, then you can add a 16GB card and load the entire map onto that.