My lifetime with TomTom is obsolete and completely dead!

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Eff You for NOT supporting my GO 630 any longer!
I've tried to get that "upgrade-offer-mail" to work in NORWAY, but the coupon code don't work IN NORWAY, you effing morons, ONLY IN THE USA!
So this (and my relatively new GO 500) will be the last product I'm gonna buy from TomTom.
I'll bet you will notice that it's not just me, that are tired and really pissed off at TomTom, and it's "Lifetime-supported" maps, updates and sh*t, when it's NOT!
Lifetime at TomTom means, as long as TomTom don't have a new product to sell, it works!
But as soon as TomTom have spit out a "new" product on the marked, their so-called "Lifetime" support is already obsolete and dead!
So, honestly, just Eff Off!