Desktop doesn't see my device

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I have tried every troubleshooting step. In fact, to test the cable I used the GPS cable to plug my phone into my desktop, and on BOTH USB ports on the front, my PC saw the phone and I was able to transfer files, so the cable is good. This is the cable that came with my TomTom.
I looked at the device manager and it doesn't show up at all, not even at least as an unknown device.
So, that being said, I think there's something wrong with the GPS. It did work at one time for several years then it just stopped connecting, it otherwise works and I can still use the cable to run it and charge the device, and it navigates just fine. Except that now every time it turns on it warns me that I haven't updated my maps in 13 months (May 2017).
I bought this new computer with Windoze[sic] 10 in October of 2017 and it hasn't worked with this new desktop, either.

I have had this GPS for about 6 years so I realize that it's past warranty, but can I exchange it for another one just like it?