Avoid low emission zones

Guy De Pinte
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I have a older car...
and I would like the option in TomTom menu: avoid low emission zones.
Such as avoiding highways...


  • Niall
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    @Guy De Pinte

    This was requested just over a year ago https://en.discussions.tomtom.com/map-quality-75/low-emision-zones-1023421/index1.html#post1168629
    MikkoK wrote:
    A feature like this requires sufficient data in a usable form for us to be able to build a feature around it. Unfortunately, we're currently not able to provide such a feature but hopefully in (a not too distant) future we will
  • Champs_44
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    “Can’t build a feature around it “
    I find that very hard to believe. At the moment the “ Toll Road” boundary for London is the new ULEZ boundary. It used to be the current congestion boundary.

    Surely you can run the two concurrent with a simple question such as
    ‘Is your vehicle exempt from the ULEZ charge’

    I doubt anyone is expecting you to determine wether their vehicle is exempt.

    I’m fact some vehicles are exempt from the congestion charge too. You could add a question for that also.

  • Bristol_Pete1
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    For me the use of TomTom vs my phone satnav is now a close run thing. What TomTom needs is to be a premium product that's worth paying for.
    As such I needs to keep up with the latest road developments, and I would have thought that having Low Emission Zones showing would be an absolute minimum for any premium product. Not having this as standard is today like not having motorways or speed cameras, almost laughable.
    Come on TomTom the 21st Century beckons you, if you don't catch up you will go the way of all dinosaurs.