update failure- Europe| start 25

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i have just done a Europe map update to my sat nav, start 25, wish I hadn't bothered as it now no longer works, I just get a red screen saying no maps found. the update seems to be happening and says its complete when done. it takes about 3 hours to complete, I have tried it 3 times now with the same result. what should I do next ? has this buggered up my previously working sat nav ?


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    I have the excact same problem. My error happened one year ago. I have with no luck tried to solved the issue the last three times I went on holiday, spending several days each time trying to update the gps.
    I have also written to Tomtom support. They didn’t answer.
    I’m going on holiday tomorrow. If it doesn’t work by then I’ll dump it and never buy anything from Tomtom again. I bought my gps with a lifetime map. But that’s worth nothing.
    I hope you have more luck.