TomTom Go Camper & Anker PowerBank

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In order to reduce the presence of trailing cables and to keep the vehicle 12V socket free I am considering running my newly acquired Go Camper from an Anker PowerBank.

Looking at the 12V adaptor supplied with the Go Camper it has a rated output of 5V - 1.2A. The PowerBank I'm planning to use has a capacity of 10400mAh and a rated MAXIMUM output of 5V - 3.0A.

The Anker PowerBank uses "Power IQ" technology which apparently means that it “intelligently identifies your device and speaks with the language it needs for full speed charging.” I take this to mean that the PowerBank will "know" that the Go Camper will therefore need to be be powered with a 5V - 1.2A supply, as if it were plugged into the 12V socket.

Does anyone see any obvious flaws in this arrangement, the capacity of the PowerBank will be enough to last for the journeys I'm planning and I will then just charge it up overnight.

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    Last year I drove from Worcestershire to the British MotoGP Silverstone and back using GO 520 and a 5200 mAh Power Bank
    The Power Bank has 4 LEDs indicating charge state only one LED had turned off on the Powerbank (I guess minus 25%)

    Just checked and the GO 520 says Worcestershire to Silverstone 70 miles... 1 Hour 24 minutes (3 hours return)

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    @YamFazMan that's encouraging. My thought was with say 10000mAh (10Ah) if the Camper is drawing around 1.2A I should get over 8 hours from the PowerBank, plus whatever is in the internal battery of the unit.

    It's good to hear that at least you've had it working on a longish trip so I'm optimistic :slight_smile: