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Audible speed camera etc warnings when driving in map view only?

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I have a GO 620 and would like to receive speed camera etc warnings without having to set a route/destination, is this possible? I've noted that the speed camera locations do not show on the screen unless I set a planned route/destination. There is nothing in the manual about this.

Alternative is I use the free TomTom speed camera app. on my android phone and set it to open when it detects the car's bluetooth ie when the ignition is turned on. Does this app. require a mobile data connection for mobile phone?

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  • trebotrebo Posts: 11 [Legendary Explorer]
    Thanks for the link EthoZ. From what I can make out from this link the guide does specify that speed camera warnings etc are potentially active when a route is set. There is nothing stating the reverse. One 520 user said Yes his cameras warnings work in map mode.??

    Checked all my settings-
    Sounds and Warnings
    Warning type: Read out loud
    Safety cameras and hazards ON
    Everything else : Always

    Voice is set to Karen (Computer Voice) and everything else ON

    Like I stated before, in Map view (without a route set) the camera locations are not showing and until they are I expect I will never be warned. Yes the camera locations do show when I set a route.

    I must say it is pretty pathetic of TomTom if you do need to set a route for this function to work, why set this limitation? My wife's $90 Navman warns of cameras in just the Map mode.

  • trebotrebo Posts: 11 [Legendary Explorer]
    No help here so I am answering my own question.

    I have just read 3 recent reviews on the 620 in and 3 reviewers have stated no cameras without a route being set. I've had the unit for a while but have not used it locally until now.

    I have contacted TomTom support and I will be seeking a refund.
  • trebotrebo Posts: 11 [Legendary Explorer]
    Over 24 hours since I highlighted the problems, to Support, with my GO device while using just the Map mode.

    Expect I will not hear back from TomTom because they realise just how seriously flawed this device is.
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